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Writing a simple Android App

Those are some of my notes on writing a simple android app using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.   Initially we need Java SDK (1.7 is preferred, since Gradle and the Android SDK does not officially support

Find the process using a specific port

From an elevated prompt run netstat -aon | findstr :9990 That will give you the offending PID: TCP LISTENING 1776 Quick check in Windows Task Manager will give you the process

XML Creator

This is a class that I found laying around, and I decided to share it. It is used to generate a valid XML , and to send it to an API / Gateway. It is

  • Simple SERP Tracker PHP class

Simple SERP Tracker PHP class

Recently I had some thoughts about the way the searching for a position should be, and since I couldn't stop thinking about it, I've decided to to come up with something I believe should be

Show the next user id in WordPress

In a recent project I have to show and use the next user_id as username ( I know it is a bad decision, but this is how the client wants it). I would usually use