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How to have a flawless vacation in Japan

Traveling to Japan may lead to a lot of frustration for some people, especially when they are not prepared for the little quirks like language, transportation or accommodation, so I will share my experience in having a lot of fun during my Japan vacation, while mitigating all those problems with proper planning. Plan Visit sites

How to have a flawless vacation in Japan2015-09-13T08:35:16-08:00

Delete the RAW images without corresponding JPG ones

I have a Sony camera which is set to shoot in both RAW and JPG formats, so I can decide whether to keep the jpg image or to process it further. Once of the biggest problems that I have is that I always look at the jpg images, and I remove the ones that I

Delete the RAW images without corresponding JPG ones2015-04-22T19:12:30-08:00

Writing a simple Android App

Those are some of my notes on writing a simple android app using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.   Initially we need Java SDK (1.7 is preferred, since Gradle and the Android SDK does not officially support builds with 1.8 as of the time of writing and there are some issues with it) and the Android SDK

Writing a simple Android App2015-01-03T18:06:52-08:00

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