The Road

“A post-apocalyptic tale of a man and his son trying to survive by any means possible.” ~

That movie is starting slow. Nothing is happening in the first 20 min. , but considering that the whole movie is around 2Hr, that means that only small part of the movie by itself. The idea is used in many, many other movies Рpost-apocalyptic world, single good man, against all the others. Except this time, the main character has a son, and he is not prison-buff guy, but a slim and not very healthy man (Viggo Mortensen). Nevertheless the story is envisioned by different angle too . There is no hope for the main character, and the viewer knows that almost from the beginning. The vision of the movie is unique also (there was a scene where the trees in the forest are falling down, and the operator attached the camera to the falling tree, making a visually great scene).  It makes you feel desperate, and wanting just to kill yourself  (which was the purpose of the director I guess).  So, long story short Рthe same old story, but this time told right.

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