What is your idea of fun?

The site is based on heavy modified Drupal, it has total of 23 products, and it was finished for a month. It will be translated in 29 languages. This is a marketing site, allowing the users to be introduced to the new line of Lenovo computers, and it is targeted towards 18-40 years old audience. There are 23 individual pages for the products (there are different products for the different countries) with interactive video for each of them, 23 pages for comparison with the different Intel processors, and few more sections. The main features are:

  • Find your PC – allows the user to run trough a wizard and find a computer based on a specific criteria (price, design, etc.) The back-end is done via call to a MySQL DB where I have a table with a matrix of all the requirements. The query from Flash is done via PHP Gateway (AMFPHP) and then an array is returned back into the results page.
  • Create your video – page for dynamic creation of a video. After running trough a wizard, and submitting some photos and information, the user receives back a customer created video with the information submitted. The service used for the video creation is Stupeflix At the end the result is saved in our DB. There is a seamless integration with Facebook, allowing the user to upload his/her video to the Lenovo Intel What’s Your Idea of Fun page, where any user can play the video directly.
  • Up your fun – a dynamic 23 product page, allowing the user to compare the performance of all the different Lenovo computers. This page as the products page is dynamically generated, based on the link. It uses AJAX and jQuery to show hover pop-ups with more information for a specific claim.
  • Product Pages – dynamically generated pages of the 23 products provided by Lenovo. There is a video playing for every product and there is a small image carousel done with jQuery, swapping the product images with the ones from the thumbnail. It uses two templates built in each other to complete the page.
  • If your computer fun enough? – this is only an iFrame, linking to Intel hosted application, and utilizing Futuremark’s “Game-o-meter” java application.
  • Meet the mods – this is a section dedicated to mods done on a Lenovo computers. It has a lightbox gallery, video player, and two submission forms. It utilizes a rating system down via ajax, allowing every user to vote once for each mod. The rating system is global, so it affects all the different country sites.
    Techology used:
    * PHP / MySQL
    * Drupal
    * jQuery
    * AJAX
    * FLAX

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